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Beth Bailey

Beth Bailey

Beth Bailey founded Zinko Films in 2002. She has directed, written, and edited television commercials and corporate videos for several years. In the winter of 2003, she wrote and co-produced the 30-minute short film Low Rent. Beth also wrote and directed the 26-minute short Swapped. It debuted in the ImageOut festival and appeared in the NYS Emerging Filmmakers Series in the fall of 2003. In January 2004, she wrote and directed the 40-minute musical featurette Love Rules!. It debuted to a sold-out house and appeared in that year’s ImageOut festival. Her five minute film, Lila Shue, L.I., won first place in the 2005 Scion Scene Series Competition. Getting Personal is her feature-length directing debut.


Director of Photography/Co-Editor

Peter Lang is an award-winning film and video producer, editor, and director with more than 25 years of expertise working with various corporations, advertising agencies, and production companies. This is his fourth collaboration with Zinko Films.





Producer/Co-Editor/2nd Unit/Original Music

Marc Raco is an award-winning actor and filmmaker, radio producer, songwriter, and blogger. And a Kentucky Colonel.

Marc Raco

Marc Raco

Originally from the Rochester, NY area, New York City based Raco has been seen in films such as The Pink Panther, Aversion and Smoking Laws and appeared on such  television in Law and Order SVUAmazing Sports Stories, As the World Turns and Onion News Network. Raco has also been seen as a standup comic and professional improvisational comic, and previously was a featured writer for

Marc also has considerable experience behind the scenes as a producer for radio (The Extraordinary Catholic and Monkey Radio with Marc), music (more than 70 recorded songs, including several on film soundtracks, original scoring for stage productions, the full-length CD Basically Nowhere, the song The United States of Bacon which has gained international notoriety and the award-winning original musical film Love Rules also written and directed by Beth Bailey) and film (Marc is a multi-award winning director, producer and editor of feature films, music videos, marketing videos and currently a reality television project ready to launch). Marc has also penned several short plays, television pilot scripts and is the Director of Creative Content for a brand specializing in information for men on cooking.

Visit for more on Marc.
Management by TalentInk LA/NY/Chicago


Executive Producer


Eric Shoen

Eric Shoen began his work in film with a short film through Zinko Films with the encouragement of Beth Bailey.  After acting in that film, Beth approached Eric about production of future films.  He worked with Beth on Love Rules and Getting Personal with acting, the securing of financial assistance, organizing and providing craft services, and scouting locations for the film.  Since his work with Zinko Films, Eric has been involved with Discreet Charm Productions, assisting with their first feature length film, Second Story Man and continuing his work with them securing financing and advising for future projects.

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